BULK: 10x re:Enforce Body Balm


BULK: 10x re:Enforce Body Balm


*THIS IS A BULK ORDER OF 10x priced at $11 per unit*

(There is also a bulk order option of 20x at $10 a unit).

If you would like to do a larger order please contact me.

Thank you!

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Keep your skin moisturized and healthy with re:VIVe’s all natural re:ENFORCE Body Balm! The ingredients used are known to improve and maintain the overall condition of your skin. Shown to possess anti-microbial properties, the ingredients chosen can protect against destructive bacteria and improve the healing of abrasions and other damage!

Each ingredient chosen is beneficial for your skin! (Compare re:Enforce body balm ingredients with those of another lotion or balm).


Tubular benefits:

  • re:Enforce Body Balm is contained in a durable 2.5 ounce/ 70 ml easy to use push-up tube
  • Earth friendly biodegradable packaging!

*Please Note:

*Store in a cool dry area.

*Due to the way wax cools there may be a small cavity in the center balm.

*re:Enforce Body Balm is composed of oils and wax. Please keep this in mind while you are dressing and coming in contact with fabrics. (Depending on the fabric and degree to which it came in contact, if a mark is left, it may come out after one or more washes).

*This product has not been scientifically tested and no claims are being made. Some individuals may respond differently to products and ingredients. If you are unsure of how your skin will respond to a particular ingredient, please do a skin test before you purchase and/or use. 

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