re:ENFORCE Body Balm


re:ENFORCE Body Balm


Re:Inforce body balm is made with only natural and skin beneficial ingredients, which boost healing, protect against destructive bacteria, and promotes beautiful, healthy skin!

2.5 oz/ 70 ml recyclable tube

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Keep your skin moisturized and healthy with re:VIVe’s all natural re:ENFORCE Body Balm! The ingredients used are known to improve and maintain the overall condition of your skin. Shown to possess anti-microbial properties, the ingredients chosen can protect against destructive bacteria and improve the healing of abrasions and other damage!

..but you don’t have to take these words for it..

(*Benefits will be enhanced when you combine with an abundance of water consumption and a nutritious diet of limited  poisonous ingestions, including refined sugars, etc..)

re:Inforce body balm contains only natural ingredients, each of which are beneficial for your skin. (Compare re:Inforce body balm ingredients with those of another lotion or balm).


*Please note*

*Yes, re:Enforce body balm is all natural! However some people might be allergic to certain ingredients. If you are unsure of your body’s response to any ingredients, please do a skin test with the questionable ingredient/s before you purchase and/or use.

*re:Enforce body balm is composed of wax, oils and butter, which means that it could leave a mark on clothing or other fabrics. Consider wearing a robe or old clothing for the first 5 or so minutes after you apply. (Depending on the fabric and degree to which it came in contact, if a mark is left, it may come out after one or more washes).

*Store in a cool dry area.

*Due to the way wax cools there may be a small cavity in the center balm.

*This product has not been scientifically tested and no claims are being made.

Tubular benefits:

  • Contained in a durable 2.5 ounce/ 70 ml easy to use push-up tube
  • Earth friendly! Please recycle the tube once it is empty

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Weight 6 oz


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