re:ENFORCE Foot Rub (BULK order of 10x)


re:ENFORCE Foot Rub (BULK order of 10x)


This is a BULK ORDER OF 10 tubs!

Tax is ALREADY INCLUDED for you!

Re:ENFORCE Foot Rub is made with only natural and skin beneficial ingredients, which moisturize, boost healing, protect and promote soft healthy feet!

Contained in a 1.3 oz/ 40 ml earth-friendly, biodegradable tub (a little goes a long way!)

10% of profits are given to Charity:Water (5%) + Ocean CleanUp (5%)!

Thank you!


Keep your feet (and hands), moisturized, soft and healthy with re:VIVE’s RE:ENFORCE Foot Rub!

Use re:Enforce foot rub to moisturize, soothe, and protect your feet!

Re:Enforce Foot Rub contains only natural ingredients, each of which are beneficial for your skin! Each ingredient was selected for it’s moisturizing, and health promoting properties, resulting in a balm that promotes the softness and well being of your feet!  Ingredients also possess properties which assist in the process of healing!


Tubular benefits:

  • Contained in a durable 1.3 ounce/ 40 ml tub * (a little goes a long way!)
  • Perfect for travel!
  • Earth-friendly, biodegradable packaging!

*Please note:

*This is NOT an exfoliating product. Get rid of dead skin cell build up on your feet by regularly exfoliating using a pumice stone or foot file. Doing so will greatly improve the texture of the bottom of your feet, as well as improve your skin’s ability absorb the balm’s nutrients.

*No scientific testing has yet been done, therefore no claims are being made..but I think you will appreciate your results!

*Yes, re:Enforce Body Balm is made using only natural and skin beneficial ingredients!  However some people may be allergic to certain ingredients. If you are unsure of your body’s response to any ingredients, please do a skin test with the questionable ingredient/s before you purchase and/or use.

*Benefits will be enhanced when combined with abundant (2+liters), of daily water consumption. This paired with a nutritious diet, limited of poisonous ingestions, including but not limited to refined sugars, additives, etc. will assist in your skin’s and body’s functioning and vitality.

*This product is composed of wax, oils and butter, which means that it could leave a mark on clothing or other fabrics. 


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