re:GENERATE After Sun Facial Balm (BULK 10x)


re:GENERATE After Sun Facial Balm (BULK 10x)


This is a BULK order of 10 re:GENERATE AFTER-SUN: FACIAL, priced at $7.59 per tube.

Tax is INCLUDED in your price!

After a day of fun in the sun, give your skin some love with re:Generate After Sun Facial Balm!

The all natural ingredients found in re:Generate After Sun Facial Balm were chosen for their properties of moisturizing, soothing and cell regeneration, which are especially beneficial for healing your skin after excessive sun exposure.

Contained in a .5oz/15ml earth-friendly, biodegradable, push-up tube!

Re:VIVe gives 10% of profits to Charity:Water (5%) + Ocean CleanUp (5%)!

Thank you!


A little too sun-kissed? Soothe and help your skin to heal and be restored with re:Generate After Sun Facial Balm!

The ingredients contain nutrients which serve to soothe, accelerate cell reproduction and boost the healing of UV and other topical burns. The ingredients also possess nutrients which lock in moisture, which restores and even enhances the health and appearance of your skin!

This re:Generating After Sun Balm was created for your face, but there is also one for the rest of your sunned skin.. (Show me!)


Tubular benefits:

  • Contained in a durable .5 ounce/ 15ml push-up tube
  • Conveniently transport in your pocket or purse!
  • Earth-friendly, biodegradable packaging!


Depending on the intensity of your sunburn, apply re:Generate After Sun Facial Balm to your burnt areas 1-3 times a daily until the healing process is complete.

*Please note!*

*Re:Generate After Sun Facial Balm has not yet been scientifically tested. No claims are being made..but I think you will be pleased with your results! 

*re:Generate After Sun Facial balm is comprised primarily of oils, and might leave a mark on fabrics. 

*Re:Generate After Sun Facial Balm is made using only natural ingredients, however, some folks may be allergic to certain ingredients. If you are unsure of your skin’s response to an ingredient, please do a skin test before you purchase and/or use.

* Avoid storing your balm in the car, especially during periods of hot weather. Balms can become quite soft and even melt.

*Benefits will be enhanced when used in combination with 2+liters of daily water consumption. This paired with a nutritious diet limited of poisonous ingestions, including refined sugars, additives, etc, will assist in your skin and body’s functioning and vitality.


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