re:GENERATE After Sun Facial Balm


re:GENERATE After Sun Facial Balm


After a day of fun in the sun, give your skin some love with re:Generate After Sun Facial balm!

The all natural ingredients found in re:Generate After Sun Facial Balm were chosen for their properties of moisturizing, soothing and cell regeneration, which are especially beneficial for healing your skin after excessive sun exposure.

Contained in a .25oz/7ml easy to use, push-up, recyclable tube

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The ingredients used in re:GENERATE After Sun Facial Balm natually contain nutrients and antioxidants which, show in studies to aid and accelerate the healing of UV and other topical burns. Ingredients also possess nutrients to soothe, moisturize and enhance the health and appearance of your skin!

(Benefits will be enhanced when combined with regular water consumption and a diet high in nutrients and low in refined sugars. ..but you don’t have to take these words for it)


This re:Generating After Sun Balm is specially for your face, but there is also one for the rest of your sunned skin.. (Show me!)

*Please note:

  • It’s true, re:VIVe’s re:Generate After Sun Facial balm is made using only natural ingredients! However, some folks may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients. If you are unsure of your skin’s response to an ingredient, please do a skin test before you purchase and/or use.
  • re:Generate After Sun Facial balm is comprised primarily of oils, so take caution around fabrics. re:Generate After Sun Facial balm has not been clinically tested, nor are any claims being made. ..but I think you will be pleased with the results.

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